Business Verification is a service intended for the Adult Industry companies to confirm authenticity enhancing trust. In one place you demonstrate realness of Business, confirm social network accounts, websites and actual communication channels. The service of Business Verification clearly outlines its presence in the Adult industry, excluding fake communications and theft attempts.

The following data can be verified

  • Corporate Email

  • Phone number (however, you decide to display it or not)

  • The physical address of Company (by default, only the country and city are displayed, however, it is up to you to detail it)

  • Corporate Twitter

  • Corporate Instagram

  • Corporate Facebook

  • The official company website and up to 3 sites of subsidiary projects

  • Official channels in streaming services Vimeo, Youtube, Pornhub, Xvideo, etc.

  • Up to 10 additional pages on the Internet

  • Trademark Validation

Your benefits are

  • X Pages Verification provides an opportunity to increase the knowledge of the Сompany’s performance

  • A trusted place on the Internet where company records, contact information and social network addresses of the Adult Business are confirmed

  • X Pages Verification Service Page as a trusted source of information which protects Business from a fraud and identity theft efforts of third parties

Documents required for the verification procedure

  • Scan-copy of company registration documents 

  • Scan-copy of the statement for utilities, electricity or landline communication where the name of the business coincides with that specified in the statutory documents

  • Fill out a form with information about the addresses of sites, addresses of profiles in social networks and streaming services

Terms of Service and Price

Our specialists responsibly execute the verification procedure according to strict internal regulations of X Pages. A time period of the verification process may differ. It depends on the Individual characteristics and state of residence.

The Paid Verification process takes up to 10 business days. It depends on the complexity of the work performed. The additional documents can be requested.

The cost of the Business Verification Service is £199, paid one-time.

Free Verification is also possible but it's not time limited.

X Pages reserves the right to refuse providing Free Verification in the future.